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Vertical Window Blinds And Valances

The selection of colors, styles and sizes was amazing. The prices were very reasonable and I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
– Sarah, Florida

Best Reasons to Buy Vertical Blind Valances:

1 Custom and Decorative - One of the best ways to customize your vertical blinds.
Vertical Blind Valances
"Valances for vertical blinds make windows beautiful!"
2 Inexpensive and Cost Efficient – It may surprise you how much an inexpensive valance can beautify and highlight your window coverings. Valances can make an amazing difference for vertical blinds!
3 Finishing Touch – Vertical valances effectively hide the headrails, top of the vanes, louvers, and clips and gears while providing a finished stylish appearance.
4 Stock and Custom Sizes – We offer both in-stock and custom size valances that are sure to fit any window..
5 Variety – There are three types of valances to select: a) flat slat valance; b) box valance; and c) custom round valance. You can choose which one best fits your needs.

Vertical Blind SLAT VALANCE
Vertical  Blind SLAT VALANCE

Practical and economical covering for the vertical headrail. Cost efficient valance.

Price from $7.00




Vertical Blind BOX VALANCE
Vertical  Blind SLAT VALANCE

An upgraded attractive valance to cover the vertical headrail while providing a decorative and finished appearance.

Price from $11.25




Vertical Blind ROUND VALANCE
Vertical  Blind SLAT VALANCE

Custom, beautiful, and contoured valance with wrap around ends. The shape is modern and contemporary.

Price from $12.50





min-max sizes


286 closeup
287 closeup
Arctic Gray
258 closeup
Arctic White
259 closeup
Arctic Ivory
260 closeup
Brocade Ivory
261 closeup
Brocade White
262 closeup



How to Order
  1. Enter the total quantity of valances you are considering purchasing.
  2. Enter the number of valances for a specific width in the Qty field.
  3. Select a valance Color.
  4. Select your finished Width. (add 2" to blind for outside mount).
  5. Select Inside or Outside Mount.
  6. Select Flat Slat, Box or Round Valance.
  7. Your price will automatically display.
  8. Click on Add to Custom Selections if you want to add more Valance sizes.
  9. When done entering Valances, Click on the Add To Cart button.

You may also order by phone by calling +1 (800) 232-9600 Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm (PST).

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